Where to find Old Dhoti Supplier

Shiv Contact India is an authentic supplier of Old Dhoti. We supply Old Dhoti as raw Material to Clothing Industries. We supply them with the best quality products. We are a leading brand 

old dhoti supplier in north India. We supply old dhoti as a raw material all over Delhi, Noida, and to many other states of India. Many manufacturing industries contact us for the old dhoti as a raw material.

We always keep in mind to supply the most effective & smooth cleaning material. According to the demand of the customer, we customize the products. We are an Old dhoti wholesaler in Delhi NCR. We provide raw material at an affordable price. So that every large or small scale business gets the advantage of raw material. The raw material supplied to them undergoes our 4 quality tests to supply the best to our consumers.

We have a wide range of products like:

  • Old Dhoti Colored
  • Old Dhoti White
  • Cotton Hand Knitted Gloves
  • Old Cut Clothes  

Old Dhoti Colored: We supply old colored dhoti as raw material to many manufacturing Industries. They convert them into new products and supply them in the market.

Cotton Hand Knitted Gloves: We are a manufacturer of cotton knitted hand gloves. They are available in different sizes. These gloves supplied in manufacturing industries for the safety purpose of the workers. These gloves are available in different colors to give them an attractive look. we make these gloves by keeping the safety of the workers in mind.

Old Curt Clothes: The old Cut Clothes are used in manufacturing and make new products. The finished goods used by the people. As old cut clothes used as a raw material in many manufacturing industries. They make finished goods from them. Shiv Contact India is a leading brand in the manufacturing and supplying of hand gloves and old Dhoti in Delhi NCR.

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