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Instead of tossing out all those old clothes, why not upcycle them in order that they’re useful once more? Here are some excellent samples of clothing which will have wiped out their original welcome, but have found a replacement lease on life.


1. Crop top

Eventually, your favorite pair of jeans will got to go. Whether it’s thanks to worn appearance, a change in size, or a method that’s not flattering. You don’t have to just toss them. Make them into something which will look great dressed up or dressed down. With basic sewing skills, you’ll cut this out Wednesday after work and have it able to choose Friday night’s hour.


2. Long Sleeve Shirt from Old Pants

Little ones grow quicker than we’d like. Before you recognize it, those cute pants are now entirely too short and prepared for a flood. Take that summer outfit and convert it into an extended-sleeved top to stay your kiddo warm within the months to return with this easy sewing pattern. Mix and match outfits to update kids’ winter wardrobe all for the value of the thread.


3. Child’s Shirt Dress

Recycle Dad’s dress shirts into adorable dresses! To customize this concept, you’ll change the buttons out for something more colorful, or maybe add appliques to rock bottom, if you so choose. Try shirts with patterns or fiddle with the elastic waist colors and materials. Most importantly, have fun with it.


4. Tank Top Purse

Give life back to those wiped-out tank tops by converting them into one among these lovely purses! If you’re like me, you’ve got a shirt drawer. Usually at rock bottom of such a drawer, one would likely find a tank that hasn’t been worn during summer or two, and allow us to not forget the tank with the built-in bra that the elastic has worn out on. Turn those seemingly useless tops into totes with a touch little bit of needlework.


5. Headband

You know the old adage, “Waste not, want not?” Taking heed to that, when you are making the tank top purses above, use the leftover fabric to make a matching headband. This headband requires no sewing, you merely make sure that the material edges are smooth. Getting a new purse and matching accessories for the cost of cleaning out your dresser? That sounds like a good deal to me!

6. T-Shirt Quilt

Save all those tops your children wore once they were tykes and make them into a blanket to remind your kids of just how cool a mom you’re. You can even make one for yourself. Why not use all those old tees with the sentiment, that you simply cannot bring yourself to spare, albeit you wouldn’t be caught dead in one publicly. Either way, this blanket idea may be superb thanks to preserving memories for years to return.


7. Newborn Prop Set

The days of boring studio baby pictures are long gone. If you’ve got a replacement addition to your family, or are a photographer who takes baby photos, then you already know that prop sets are currently very fashionable. Don’t spend hours or in some cases days knitting something up. Make it easier for yourself – and be environmentally friendly at an equivalent time. Grab a sweater that isn’t getting any use and upcycle it for photos of that tiny bundle of joy.


8. Pet bed

Keep your furry loved one warm this winter by converting an old sweater that you simply haven’t worn for a while into an opulent, comfy bed. With your old sweater, some stuffing, and a touch of stitching, Fido will have a bed to burrow therein is good and snuggly. This would be an excellent idea for puppies. Wear the sweater a couple of hours before you construct it, and it’ll smell such as you. If you are keeping your puppy in a confined area at night to limit the destruction of the house then this may help them, and you by extension, sleep.


9. Pillows

These pillows are labeled as dog beds and make an easily portable one at that. However, are you able to imagine what beautiful throw pillows they might make? The material Mayandogbeds used may be a core fabric from Guatemala, and it’s just gorgeous! If you were to aim this on your own, you’ll make throw pillows specifically personalized for your room’s décor.

10. Memory Bear

As an expecting parent, it’s hard to imagine that your baby will fit into those tiny little clothes as you’re putting them in their proper place while preparing for his or her arrival. Once your baby is here, you dress them up in your favorite outfit and swaddle them in their precious blankets. Before you recognize it, though, they’ve outgrown the clothing that seemed, even from the very beginning, too small to contain a person’s. Preserve those pieces, and therefore the memories attached to them by making a stuffed animal that will keep them company as they grow.


11. Braided Necklaces

Fabric necklaces are in immediately, and these simple braided necklaces are yet one more good way to recycle clothing. By cutting the material into strips, using simple braiding, also as your sewing skills, and you’ll whip these up in no time. Maybe a snagged shirt from your loved one’s dresser drawer would be an honest choice. I’ll leave you to make a decision if it’s better to invite forgiveness or permission.


12. Hat and Mittens

Winter weather involves warmth and sometimes meaning sacrificing fashion for comfort. If, however, you’re ready to achieve this warmth with a hat and mitten set that creates you look adorable, then that’s an enormous plus. It is recommended that you simply use a close-knit sweater for this project, and intermediate knowledge of the way to use your home appliance may be a must. All you’ll need to worry about is how adorable this set will look while winning a subsequent snowball fight.

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