Original Trucker Denim Jacket Review

It’s been a touch while since I bought this denim jacket from Levi’s, but I’m finally going to my review of it!
I went through a phase of trying to seek out the foremost perfect light blue denim jacket, and that I went through many different brands,
including GAP and Allsaints, etc, but I finally settled on this Levi’s original one! It came bent be perfect and I’ve worn it lots already,
so check out my review!

Fit/Cut – This Levi’s Original Trucker Denim Jacket in All Mine has its classic fit, which is a tailored and fitted denim jacket that hits just
above your hips, with full-length sleeves. You can see from the modeled photos how it fits on me, and I’m 5ft 4″ for reference.
The sleeve length is pretty much perfect and that’s important on denim jackets as regularly they come with a longer length and you have to fold/cuff them,
which doesn’t look as good. It’s fitted across the shoulders, as you can see the seams are hitting in the right spot, and I feel like it nips in at the waist ever so slightly, to mold to the female body shape.

Sizing – I went with a size XS during this Levi’s denim jacket. I ordered the tiny also, but it had been just too big, so I settled on the XS. It fits pretty perfectly actually,
as it’s not too tight or too big, and there’s room to maneuver around in it, so it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve always noticed that Levi’s denim jackets tend to run on the larger side,
compared to other brands, so if you’re between sizes and need a classic fit, accompany the smaller one, or order both if you can! Of course, if you favor a rather looser fit,
stick with your bigger size. For reference, I’m a UK 8 in jackets,

Denim/Wash – This wash is named ‘All Mine’ and it’s one among their classics! I’ve seen it available for an extended while now, and it still is, albeit I purchased this jacket back in September 2020!
I know, I got it goodbye ago and I’m barely going to reviewing it now! It’s a shocking blue though, it’s light enough to seem vintage and washed/broken in, but it’s got darker areas so you’ll
really see the blue. As you all know, I’m extremely picky when it involves my washes, and that I can’t fault this one! It’s perfect for the design I used to be going for and very versatile!
The denim blend is 79% Cotton and 21% Tencel, so it’s some softness to the denim, but no stretch.

Details – For those of you who are familiar with Levi’s denim jackets, you will know that they always come with the brand’s iconic red tab logo on the left breast pocket.
I love this detail and always find it so cute, and classy. Other than that, there are no details that stand out. There are 2 breast pockets with buttons, there are 2 standard pockets on the edges,
it has a silver button closure, and buttons on the cuffs, etc., it’s a very standard, classic denim jacket design. Minimal to the core and that I love that!

Pricing – Now there are discrepancies with pricing when it involves the united kingdom and US price tags. I paid £100 for this denim jacket as I sleep in the united kingdom, but it retails for less than $99 on the US website
and is currently within the sale for less than $68.60, so it’s less expensive to shop for it from the US. For some reason, we always have a better tag as Levi’s is taken into account more premium up here.

Overall Opinion – I’m sure you can see from my review that I love this Levi’s denim jacket in All Mine! It’s truly a gorgeous jacket! I would recommend ordering a few of the same jacket
in your size, just because there are inconsistencies within brands, so some XS’s can fit a little differently to each other, and some have better washes, etc.,
but if you’re a denim head like me, you already know this! I adore the fit, the comfort, the wash… Everything about it! I would maybe prefer the sleeves to be slightly more tapered,
but I don’t know how much that would take away from the comfort and be able to wear a thin sweater underneath, etc., so I rate this jacket a solid 9.5/10! I love it!

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