HoW To rE-UsE YoUr oLd cLoThEs fOr fAsHiOn sTyLiNg

Clothes like other consumable durables have a shelf life too. After the clothing in one’s wardrobe has led an extended and highly productive life, it involves a goodbye. One should attempt to reuse clothes rather than throwing them away if one has got bored of them or if they do not fit. A piece of clothing is often re-cycled, handcrafted, and transformed into something new or is often given away to the needy. The possibilities are endless when it involves creating new fashion.

If you get easily attached to your clothes, like Kurtis, jackets, sarees, western wear, etc., don’t worry, you’ll reuse them to make a replacement fashion style. Since each clothing item is formed out of a special fabric, the material of the material is often utilized in endless ways like for home interior décor, making designer bags, reselling innovative garments, and so on. You can learn more about such hacks from online fashion design courses. Here may be a list of ideas you’ll use to form new fashion styles with old clothes.

ThE MoSt iNnOvAtIvE AnD CrEaTiVe wAyS Of rEuSiNg:

1.Reusing Sarees

The fabric from old beautiful colored sarees is often wont to wrap around an uneventful hair band and make them new and classy again. The same old saree is often used and became a tote or cloth bag. Many designer bags are often made using this system. One can totally use these fancy tote bags while stepping bent to get groceries or items from vendors and never pay another penny for plastic or expensive jute bags. You can create various fashion styles for yourself and your kids using sarees since their huge pieces of materials.


2. Reusing Old Tops

Cute and glamorous but old or boring polyester tops are often wont to wrap a gift or present. One can cut a bit of fabric in large-sized circles (or depending upon the dimensions of the gift which is to be wrapped) and use them as a present wrapper. These old tops also can be used for creating designer bags a bit like sarees. The use of patterned clothing or glittery skirts is often the simplest sort of item for this particular hack.

3. Reusing Old T-shirts

Have a cushy, soft, and dear t-shirt that has faded yet your soul doesn’t wish to urge obviate it? That’s not a problem at all. The t-shirt brings one comfort, and therefore the fadedness stops one from wearing it, but it is often made to make a replacement fashion style. It also can be wont to create other home interior décor items like pillowcases. The same sorts of comfortable t-shirts are often tailored carefully into a pillowcase and be wont to make your pillow softer.

4.Reusing Old Woolen Clothes

Old woolen wear is often employed by being weaved into a quilt and other home interior décor items. Depending upon the dimensions of the material available, it is often wont to keep a baby or young kind warm and comfy. The same woolen piece of clothing is often wont to make a fluffy and squishy soft toy by giving it the desired shape and stuffing cotton into it and sewing it up. If it’s a teddy or an animal one can stick shirt buttons and provides it more character and appearance.

5. Using Different Pieces of Old Clothes

Patchwork curtains might be a special addition to any home if one likes a bohemian look. Curtains are the foremost important item when it involves home interior décor. To start, take measurements of the present curtain. After which, from one’s old clothing, cut several similar-sized squares of the old garments and stitch them to form an enormous curtain which will persevere your front room.

6. Reusing Old Jeans

You can revamp your fashion style by making shorts out of old jeans. Fashion isn’t about buying new accessories and garments, instead of its about looking and pairing one’s outfit within the absolute best manner and appearance apt for the destination. One doesn’t need money; one only needs an ingenious brain. These shorts look extremely trendy and can be the best outfit for your next vacation. Making shorts out of jeans may be a very widely used trick but it never fails to impress!

7. Using Other Fabrics

Another way of using old fabrics is by using them to make clothes as well as home interior décor items like bedsheets and bedcovers for one’s pet dogs and/or cats. If one features a tiny dog or cat, one can make a slipcover or a little bed employing a bedsheet and an outsized t-shirt. If your pet is larger than one top, use the bedsheet method to form this small bed. Just sew these fabrics from 3 directions leaving a little gap on the fourth side. Fill the cushion with even more old pieces of garments through the gap and your new pet bed is ready!

If you don’t want to make any new pieces of materials using your old garments, you’ll still consider giving these clothes to the needy instead of just throwing them away.

So, what are you waiting for?

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