Different Types of Gloves and Their Application in the Real World

According to reports, hand accidents account for major Occupational Health & Safety issues at the workplace. Construction sites or work sites generally have substances or materials which can scratch the skin, create damage to fingers or even incite allergic reactions. To avoid this and to reduce the incidents of safety issues, selecting the right pair of gloves is the fundamental solution. In worst-case scenarios, without the right gloves, there can be issues of toxic chemicals slowly engrossed through the skin and into the arteries. This can lead to health issues and infections. This is the main reason to wear cotton knitted hand gloves or any other specific gloves to protect one’s health and safety.

Different types of gloves for different purposes:

With the type of work and material exposure, one is indulged, a perfect match of gloves can be shortlisted. The knitted hand gloves manufacturer in Delhi NCR supplies different types of work safety gloves which can be customized to a particular task. Below for our readers, we have listed out the different use cases of gloves supplied by Knitted hand gloves wholesaler in Delhi NCR.

• Disposable gloves: Designed for single-use purpose. Not recommended for highly hazardous chemicals. The gloves provide little protection and are easily tearable.

• Cotton Fabric gloves: Best suited to protect and keep hands from abrasion and protects the skin from sharp or rough materials. The gloves supplied by Knitted hand gloves manufacturer suppliers in Noida are extremely resistant to a hard surface and offer long durability.

• Coated Fabric gloves: Top suited while handling chemicals in laboratory or industry operations. The gloves are coated with PVC, polyurethane or nitrile coatings to offer extra strength and protection. Finest to handle chemicals, cuts and punctures.

• Plastic gloves or rubber gloves: Most commonly used gloves in hospital or testing centres. Finest protection to hand against solvents, hazard chemicals, biohazard and other potentially toxic substances.

Understanding your potential impact and risk is the first step in selecting the right gloves. Identify the safety hazard and the hand gloves in Noida can match your requirement with plenty of work safety glove options. The Knitted hand gloves supplier in Delhi NCR with their innovative technology and manufacturing capability is the right place for flexible, quality and stylish gloves at a reasonable price.

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